Photo Gallery of
Brothers to the Rescue

Last picture of Mario de la Pena, Carlos Costa, and Pablo Morales with ladies from MAR and Arnaldo Iglesias on February 17, 1996 after delivering food and medicines to our refugee brothers in Nassau.

The pilots

Cubans fleeing Fidel Castro's dictatorship (the rafters)
More rafters trying to cross Cuban's private cementery.(The Straits of Florida)
Our pilots find raft, saving eight Cuban brother's lives. This is our mission.
Another plane, another found raft, more Cuban brother's lives saved.
Another of our planes found another raft with Cubans fleeing.
U.S. Coast Guard arrives and rescues the rafters. Mission accomplished.

Cuba's Mig 23 used to shoot down unarmed civilian Cessna February 24, 1996
More of Cuba's Air Force with Mig 29 used to cowardly murder our pilots.
Cuban Mig the same as, or the one used to shoot down our two planes February 24,1996

Unarmed civilian Cessna of Brothers to the Rescue
Three of our planes during a routine humanitarian search and rescue mission north of Cuba

The survivors were on board of November Two Five Zero Six.

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