This is a reproduction of Dossier prepared by Brothers to the Rescue. References within the Dossier are to tabs A-E and Attachments 1-15 in this index.

General Index

A.     Executive Summary


B.     Overview of Events


C.     Prior Knowledge, Consent, Collaboration, Cover-up and Obstruction of Justice by the Clinton-Gore Administration


D.     BTTR Rebuts and/or Raises More Questions on responses by SEADS and NORAD at the hearing of the House International Committee on Sept. 18, 1996.

·        Index

·        Rebuttal


E.      Unanswered Questions

·        Summary of BTTR Questions and Refusal to Answer by the Department of Defense

·        Questions by Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Congressman Lincoln Díaz-Balart during period April 16, 1998 to Aug. 31, 1998, including forwarding of summary of BTTR questions, above.

·        Senator Jesse Helms press release of Oct. 3, 1996: "The American people have not been told the truth about this tragic event".- List of questions

Index of Attachments

Attachment 1 - Prior Knowledge by the U.S. Government of Fidel Castro’s intention to shootdown BTTR aircraft

·        Letter of October 3, 1996 to the Honorable Dan Burton, Chairman Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, from John J. Shanahan, Vice Admiral, USN (Ret.)

·        CNN Interview, February 25, 1996 with Admiral Eugene Carroll – U.S. Navy Rear Admiral (Ret.)

·        Time, October 28, 1996, “Clinton’s Cuban Road to Florida”

Attachment 2 - ICAO Report, * pages 50 and 51

Item of ICAO Report*

Attachment 3 - Radar Print and Description

Item 1.1.6 of ICAO Report

Attachment 4 – The Deadly Protocol

Attachment 5 - Rules of the Air

Attachment 6 - U.S. military response

Attachment 7 - Memorandum by Raul U. Martinez

Attachment 8 - ICAO Report conclusions

Attachment 9 - Radar Sites-Location of plane that survived the attack at 3:53PM

Attachment 10 - Transcripts of communication of MiGs with ground control

(Undisclosed U.S. government source)

Attachment 11 - ICAO Report* item 1.1.47

Related Radar Plate, ICAO Report

Attachment 12 - Major Houlihan’s sworn testimony

U.S Customs screen print that shows the “trigger line”

Attachment 13 - Castro admits responsibility for the shootdown of BTTR aircraft:

Excerpt of interview of Fidel Castro by Dan Rather made public on September 3, 1996

TIME Magazine, March 11, 1996, Interview: “Fidel’s Defense”

Attachment 14 – U.S. government source created and disseminated false information on BTTR’s intensions for Feb. 24, 1996

Attachment 15 - Letter of Gen. Howard G. DeWolf to U.S. Rep. Dan Burton (Sept. 5, 1996) and BTTR’s response

Report of Inquiry by Gen. Rodney P. Kelly (Oct. 13, 1996) and BTTR’s response


* ICAO Report refers to the Report of the Investigation Regarding the Shooting Down of Two U.S. Registered Private Civil Aircraft by Cuban Military Aircraft on 24 February 1996, dated June 1996.